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2014 Webstock Notes are here: 


Clay Johnson - Industrialized Ignorance
Jim Coudal - Digital is analog
Jason Kottke - I built a web app (and you can too)
Aza Rushkin - Design is the beauty of turning constraints into advantages
Miranda Mulligan - Your Survival is Designed
Artur Bergman - The Internet, performance and you — mysteries of a CDN explained

Chris Coyier -  A Bird's Eye View of a Modern Web Designer's Workflow 
Kelli Anderson - Finding the Hidden Talents of Everyday Things
Craig Mod - Subcompact Publishing
Kitt Hodsden - Set yourself up to succeed
John Gruber - In Praise of Pac-Man: Lessons all designers can learn from the perfect video game
Garr Reynolds - Story, Emotion, & the art of 21st-century Presentation — aka No Sleep Till Webstock
Tom Coates - An animating spark: mundane computing & the web of data


Karen McGrane - Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content
Bruce Sterling - What a feeling!
Tricia Wang - The Elastic Self: What Millions of Chinese Youth Tells Us about the Future of Online Identities and Social Media
Adam Greenfield - Another city is possible: The “smart city“ from above and below
Eric Rodenbeck - Drawing outside the lines: Data visualization done wrong
Jeremy Ashkenas - Code As Writing
Robin Sloan - Inventing Media
Michael Lopp - Stables and Volatiles

Jason Scott - Wanted: Dead or Alive
Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World